Compliance Tax Services

We provide a full range of personal and corporate income tax and sales tax services. Our tax services go far beyond simply preparing income tax returns. As partners in our clients’ success, we provide ongoing business advice throughout the year. This often involves creating an optimal tax plan for future acquisitions and dispositions, planning expenditures to ensure best possible tax treatment, creating succession plans, and identifying available tax opportunities.

As part of our tax services, we also analyze the most tax-efficient way to structure owners’ compensation. This includes assessing the cash flow needs of the owner and the business, determining the right mix of salary and dividends, advising on the use of a holding company, and proposing strategic ways to defer taxes.

We are always up to date with current and pending tax legislation to enhance strategic planning and ensure the most positive results for our clients. We continually invest in our team’s tax education to ensure that we are always on top of new tax developments that may affect our clients’ businesses.

Services provided

As well as preparing personal and corporate income tax returns we also prepare:

  • Scientific Research & Development expenditure returns
  • Harmonized Goods and Services tax returns
  • Income tax elections
  • Partnership returns
  • Charity returns
  • Responses to queries and assessments from Canada Revenue Agency and many others